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Can I let you in on a little secret?

I have loved jewelry for as long as I can remember. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, toe rings, you name it - it was in my jewelry box. Everything from Claire's to my Grandmother's diamond bracelet have seen the inside of that little box. Well, almost everything...

I didn't have my ears pierced until I was almost 26 years old.

Sure, I had some hand-me-down clip on's and I tried the stick on earrings that were cool in kindergarten, but this jewelry enthusiast went a whole 25 years without any real earrings!

A year, and lots of impulsive purchases at Target later, I have two ear piercings, a drawer full of earrings, and a completely new passion for jewelry.

I started making earrings in June of 2019. I knew once I got my ears pierced I would be obsessed with earrings just like I am with other pieces. I was spending a lot of money building my collection when one day I realized, "hey, I think I could make these myself."


So here we are. It's funny how life works out, isn't it? A girl who went 25 years without an ear piercing is now a self-proclaimed earring designer.


All of the pieces you will find on my site are hand-crafted by me. I have tried and perfected each piece and I cant wait for you to love them just like I do.

Take a look around and Start Your Obsession.


Chelsea Leigh

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